Raving Fans

“We have spent about 4 years with Dolfun and loved every moment. Our boys have gained confidence in the water but also how to be safe.”

“Our family adores the DolFUN family! Both my children began swim lessons at only a few months old. I am so proud of the progress that they each made and confidence they developed while under the instruction of their amazing teachers. :)”
“We appreciate so much that you helped our son become more comfortable in the water, and helped both of our children gain survival skills!”
“We adore DolFUN and have taken both of our kids from baby swim lessons through fully independent swimming with your amazing teachers. We have made many a recommendation to friends over the years who have also taken part in lessons with your team.”
“Fiona started at 9 months old and DolFUN continued to be a highlight for her through age 4. She learned so much over those years to give her a great foundation for a lifetime of swimming. Thank you to all of her wonderful teachers! We hope to return again in the future.”
“This program is phenomenal – my kids were loving it and learning so much. We will be back as soon as there are reliable covid treatments or a vaccine.”
“My daughter wasn’t learning to swim with other companies/classes and, within a week of starting with DolFun, she swam like a fish! The teachers are all excellent: patient, kind, but firm when they need to be. We had a wonderful experience and I am so grateful to DolFun for ensuring my daughter is safe in the water.”

“My son started with DolFUN at 4 months old, he’s now almost 3 1/2 yrs. I can’t say enough about this wonderful program. Every week he amazes me with new skills. His independence and confidence in the water is fantastic. Miss Diana is great. She is patient with the kids, but firm. We’ve had other teachers in the past who were equally great. All are very knowledgeable about child development. It is more expensive than your community center pool, but worth every penny. This is much more than a mommy & me type swim lesson. Plus, the pool is nice and warm here…. I always leave the community center pool with blue lips and shivering little boys.”

When I first started taking lessons I was afraid of the water and to get my face wet.  Now, I feel confident and at ease while I’m in water.  I have DolFun to thank for this and their services, patience and care towards their students.  I would definitely recommend DolFun’s services to anyone that needs to learn how to swim or wants to brush up on their skills.  I am truly thankful.”