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DolFUN SWIM Academy has a program for you…

Portland NE Programs:

  • Aqua Babies / Aqua Tots Lessons: $136.16 a month, once a week, 4:1, 20 min class
  • Small Groups Lessons: $136.16 a month, once a week, 3:1, 20 min class
  • Semi-Private Lessons: $201.15 a month, once a week, 2:1, 20 min class
  • Private Lessons: $402.29 a month, once a week, 1:1, 20 min class
  • Family Pod Lessons: $402.29 a month, once a week, up to 3 siblings in one class:1, 20 min class
  • Swimming with Special Abilities (SSA) Lessons: $301.72 per month, once a week, 1:1, 30 min class
  • Adult Lesson: please inquire regarding  class, once a week, 1-2:1, 30 min class

Portland SE Programs:

  • Group Lessons Only: $136.16 a month, once a week
  • Spinner Level, 5:1, 30 min class
  • Beluga Level, 8:1, 45 min class
  • Humpback Level, 10:1, 60 min class
  • Orca Level, 10:1, 60 min class

All locations:

  • 5% sibling and/or multiple weekly class discount
  • $55 non-refundable Annual Family Membership Fee, due upon enrollment
  • Monthly tuition pay cycle, or
  • Yearly Tuition Promotion: pay for 11 months and get the 12th month FREE (optional)
  • Perpetual Enrollment: You can enroll at any time throughout the year, based on availability. Sustains your class space on a continuing basis throughout the year
  • Class day, times, and Aquatic Educators are subject to change at any time due to enrollment or scheduling needs