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Making a DIFFERENCE: Developing SAFER SWIMMERS for a LIFEtime
















Creating a SAFE, JOYful and FUN Education in the Water from Birth and Beyond since 1994





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Drowning Prevention Through Education
Drowning Prevention Through Education



DolFUN SWIM Academy incorporates multi-faceted disciplines include placing an emphasis on the learner's natural relationship with the water and uses the qualities of that relationship as one's primary safety
device for all ages, including infants, toddlers, preschooler, elementary ages through adults. A child learns to focus on mastering the water's natural forces to influence cognitive brain development, physical, emotional
and social aquatic comfort. Our parents of infants learn a gentle holistic approach to early aquatic orientation for the bathtub or spa. Parents learn techniques that offer support for the baby's innate affinity to water.
Parents will experience the presence of water as a communication element between their new baby as they are body to body and skin to skin. Connect yourself with your baby's neurological development: being conscious
to their natural buoyancy, heightened multi-sensory stimulation involving touch, hearing, sight & taste. After all, you are returning your baby to their original element…. Water.
Children and Adults, even with fear of water, can use aquatic postures to learn to manage aquatic forces for safety and then propulsion for learning to swim.
DolFUN SWIM Academy incorporates environmentally accurate Learn to Swim program curriculum and technique.

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